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A broken screen isn't
easy to use. Let us fix it.

If you need to fix your screen a.s.a.p. call ahead and make an appointment. We know that sometimes time is not on your side, thankfully we are. We stock screens for all the common models. iPhone screen repair can  be done in 1 hour or less. 


On most of the newer model phones the touch screen and display are all one piece. Phone makers do this to make our phones as skinny as possible but that means if one breaks the other has to be replaced even if it still works. Ask us today about your specific model.


Is your touchscreen cracked? Does the touch not respond like its supposed to? On some devices the touchscreen can be changed by itself . These repairs are usually cheaper vs. models that have a touchscreen and display all in one.


Display broken? Does the image on your screen look distorted or is it completely blank/black? Your display might need to be replaced. Usually when the display is bad the entire screen needs to be changed. the price to replace it can vary based on model.


Most newer phones have back cover that is made of glass. Phone makers commonly do this to allow wireless charging. The downside is that the back glass can crack. If you need to repair the back glass on your phone we can replace it and it will make your phone look new again.