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Cell Repair Techs – Frequently Asked Questions

We answer top questions every month – so you can stay up-to-date here.

Most of the repairs takes in average 30 minutes to be done. Yes you can wait while your phone is being fixed.

Yes, all parts and repair services include a 60-day warranty. “Cell Repair Techs” is not responsible for any damage to any device due to a previous condition and / or previous use, including devices that have already been broken and repaired previously. The warranty does not cover devices damaged by water, broken glass, chipped glass and / or frames, scratches, falling devices.

Yes, We do a variety of repairs on different brands like: Samsung, LG and others.

Yes, we offer repairs on iPads, and Mac repairs.

Do not turn the phone on. Next bring the device to us, the sooner we receive it the better chances we have to repair it.

There is not warranty on any job with water damage.

Yes, any issues related with the Glass & Digitizer repair can be resolved with the replace.

Here at Cell Repair Techs, we use high quality standard screens when it comes to iPhones. For OEM (original screens) only upon request. The price may change, for more information consult the technician.
All Samsung screens are OEM (original screens).

No appointment is needed. But you can expedite the service if you book and appointment in our system.